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Was wondering why I originally gave this 2 stars, Then I got to around 20 seconds and I understood why. Wasn't justified.

HJfod responds:

It sounded like shit back in 2017 and it still does 😎

Reason why I said nothing about the drop was that it wasn't hurting my ears at all, still isn't.

HJfod responds:

Looking back at it, this drop is surprisingly solid, especially for being the first drop I ever made. It's genuinely not that bad

Still fits in an 8 bit game somehow, just an amateur one. Closer to like early 2000s flash game.

HJfod responds:

This song bests fits in the trash

Honestly, the most surprising thing I've seen is that your melody style has barely changed.

HJfod responds:

Can't help being based

This is somehow terrifying

HJfod responds:

There is nothing more terrifying than a 13-year-old Fod attempting to make music

I don't know what that lead is, but I honestly want to see it come back in something more reminiscent of the 80s sci-fi music. It just fits that style.

HJfod responds:

The lead is a guitar preset from Sytrus lol

"tried my best to mix this, but it got so laggy I mostly just gave up and hoped it sounds good"
I can tell lol.
This is indeed NOT a replacement to the original. This is it's own little thing, which can be argued as either being worse or better.
I personally think it's better objectively, but subjectively is another story.
My biggest complaint is the guitar sounding synth that was for most of the first half, it just sounded off.
Otherwise, I'd say this is very solid and worthy of having the name of Dimrain in the title.

HJfod responds:

I didn't really ever make this with the intention of it being a replacement. I tried the original's BPM, but it just didn't fit the feel of this at all. Thank you for the review though! Always a blast to see you leave a comment on one of my songs :)

The most amogus thing that isn't amogus

*downloads and adds a melody* Ok this is good and fun

As someone who's been to florida, it's more like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Jpc2ZOLXRM

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