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Not very Creo-like
Though it does sound Creo-inspired.

It's actually very HJFod-like. Which makes sense, considering it's literally made by you.

I love it, especially the bit at 1:03.
1:59 is a very, VERY solid drop too.
The very end though, why does it sound like there should be a drop there, or at the very least a final chord to resolve things?

HJfod responds:

I initially had an ending there with a really sick Bmmaj7 chord but I felt like the current one fit in better

Not ambient imo, but interesting.

dekiruGD responds:

I didn't know what else to label it. It's a track similar to Black Ice.

Not the mixing, it just sounds like it's a jpeg

dekiruGD responds:

Is that a good thing or bad? I mean, is that a compliment or, for lack of a better word, insult?

One of the craziest things I've heard that still sounds coherent

Quarl responds:

Thank you Glaceon :D

Lacks proper mixing, and sounds muddy as a result.

I would highly recommend reducing the low end here! A little high end can do wonders!

Pretty good otherwise

dekiruGD responds:

Cool, thanks for the tip. Haven't much new things recently, but I will keep it in mind.

Hey, I think I know you from somewhere

JGamingGMD responds:


I'm just imagining a cult doing a satanic ritual on a person dragging them down to hell, where they escape and then start beating the shit out of the cult.

GodzillappleMusic responds:

oh lol. i had a completely different idea. it's a meander, a walk on life going down everything is good, but then darkness and anger slowly creeps in, but a hint of redemption sparks

This is one of the best vibes I've heard

dogsinmrimachines responds:


It's ok

HappyParrot3526 responds:

Thanks for commenting and rating this audio, it helps me a lot to improve :)
PD: I'm using a translator, my English is not so good hehe

Oh this is terrible yet brilliant

AkiriMusic responds:

Please end my suffering

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